Joyeux Noël: Christmas Haul

Sorry for the lack of posting lately but I’ve been busy with the holidays! My beautiful Nana is in town visiting so I’ve been hanging out with her mostly, and eating a lot of cookies (so much for not perpetuating the obesity stereotype of Americans when I go to France!).

So obviously, mostly all of my Christmas gifts this year were study abroad related. I am SO set for getting ready to leave because now I have all of my supplies! So what does a soon-to-study-abroad-student want for Christmas?


1. Space Bags
The airline companies somehow expect me to pack four months of clothes into one bag. Space is at a premium.

2. Book Light
Going back to the first item, space is scarce when packing. This ultra slim book light from Moleskine is great! Especially for anyone (me) who’s a big reader.

3. Travel cases
This little travel case is actually from Ikea and was really cheap on sale! It’s super durable with lots of useful pockets. Little cases like this are perfect for organizing all of your little toiletries and small items so they don’t get lost in the duffel bag abyss.

4. Compact reusable shopping bag
For a town like Aix where open air markets are the primary place to get groceries, a reusable shopping bag is a great thing to have! It folds up to be really tiny so I can pack it easily but opens up to be a durable and useful bag for shopping for “fruit and vegetables” (croissants and cheese).

5. Travel Headphones
Headphones are obviously a must have for most normal people. These include a handy case specially made to keep the cord in place too so they don’t get super tangled in my backpack!

6. World Travel Adapter Kit
If you’re a Mac person, you need this. With adapters for countries all over the world, this little kit will keep your Macbook up and running for all of your trips!

7. Smash Book
This is definitely one of my favorite items, and would be a great gift for anyone going on a trip soon! It’s a do-as-you-go scrapbook complete with pre-decorated pages and an amazing half pen/half gluestick (so smart, I always loose my gluesticks!). The Smash line has a bunch of accessories you can buy to use on your book and it can really turn out great! Here’s a fantastic example of a successful Smash Book:

8. Leather Journal
I feel like a tortured artist worthy of Hemingway when I carry around this journal! My Dad found it at some boutique in Seattle and the leather is completely unique made from leftover scraps! The paper is handmade too and the whole thing is stitched together beautifully! I can’t wait to fill it’s pages with all of my adventures.